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Music And Recreation: Making Our Programs More Enjoyable

It is the wonderful nature of children to always want to sing, dance, and just be silly in their own little ways. Without their creativity, parents and guardians would not have anything to smile or laugh about. Days would be boring without any music or recreation and this is why children are so important because … Continue reading

The Difference of a Small Class Ratio

The reason why children go to school is to acquire knowledge on different subject matters and to better their chances of creating a stable future for themselves. Throughout their academic years, they collect and sharpen information they have learned from previous years and depending on the opportunities given them, they get exposed to different forms … Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of a Preschool with Educated Teachers

Do you agree that what a child learns depends on the their educators? We do, too. As one of the premier Private elementary schools in Oviedo, Florida, we put high value in getting educated teachers for our kids. Just like you, we also want our students to get the best learning experience. They deserve it. … Continue reading

Recreation Curriculum: Top 5 Benefits of Play for Your Preschooler

Is your kid having a sufficient amount of play? At Little lord and Ladies Christian Private School, we believe that a right amount of play time can help develop them into bright kids. For this reason, we have integrated recreation in our regular curriculum. Consider this quick list of the benefits of good play for … Continue reading

Let Your Kids Experience the Fun in Reading

It’s essential that your kids learn how to read for them to learn a variety of things that can help them when they grow up. With the right mindset, reading can be an exciting and fun adventure for kids. With a good book, they can get lost in the pages like they are in another … Continue reading

Encouraging the Little Ones to Observe Good Sportsmanship

At Lords Kingdom Academy, we believe that children who become active in sports can develop good sportsmanship. As one of the most respected private elementary schools in Oviedo, Florida, we are particular in helping the children become team players. We want them to experience a healthy competition with sportsmanlike character. How Do We Define Sportsmanship? … Continue reading