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About Us

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Mission Statement
Our goal is to create and maintain a safe, secure and caring multicultural God centered environment where children can grow to their full academic potential. We strive to develop character, healthy habits, and a lasting relationship with God.

Lords Kingdom Academy is a private school that offers grades Kinder to Third Grade. We base our philosophy of children on cooperation between parents, teachers and administration. Our Private Christian School establishes an environment based on cooperation between teachers, parents, and administration to develop an enriching atmosphere that encourages excellence and well-being for each child.

Here in our learning facility, we meet the children at their level and help them explore a whole new dimension in learning in a safe, healthy, loving and fun-filled environment. At our Private Elementary School in Orlando, Florida, we know how important it is and how challenging it can be to raise and instill Christ-like values, which is why we are dedicating our expertise and years of experience in helping parents like you in achieving this goal.

Bios of the Owners

Meralis Acevedo

I was born in Puerto Rico and my parents moved to the United State when I was five years of age. I have lived in Florida ever since. At the age of nineteen, I married my husband Ramon. We have been married since January 3, 1987, and we have two lovely children, my daughter Yodalis and my son Felix. My daughter has made me a grandmother giving me two magnificent grandkids. Javian my grandson and Janeli my granddaughter. I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family and thank God every day for each one of them. I have always had a passion for children and education, and now as an adult working in a learning facility, I can truly say; I am in the perfect career for me. I have 21 years of experience in the child care field and I have engaged with children of all ages. I have worked as a director for over ten years and have been an owner for 3 years. Working with children is truly my passion and no matter how difficult my days can be; I can tell you that I never wake up thinking twice about coming into work the following day.

I completed my Master degree in Leadership and Organizational Management in May 2013. This was a challenging mission in life but very well worth it. The knowledge and experience that I have gained at Palm Beach Atlantic University have been greatly rewarding and resourceful. In the January 2012, I came to work as a director for Lords Kingdom Academy along the side of the founder of the preschool Mrs. Marsha Combs. The family environment that I experienced with Lords Kingdom Academy was beyond any other preschool that I had ever worked in. I knew instantly I was going to feel happy and content next to the owner and staff members. Little did I know that in just a little after my two year anniversary Mrs. Marsha was ready to retire and offered me the opportunity to take over the preschool and run the program. This was a dream come true!

In June 2013 I became the owner of Lords Kingdom Academy. I have a great vision for Lords Kingdom Academy and I pray that the Lord guides me and inspires me to continue to work with great passion. In a short period of time, our school has been blessed and has grown in quality and in the numbers of programs offered. We have Soccer Shots, Fun Bus, Bilingual classrooms, music and loving staff that cares just as much as I do for our students.

We now have been blessed with the opportunity to offer Kindergarten to Third grade levels. I look forward to expanding and giving each child a great loving, caring, learning environment where every child learns at their own pace and is cherished for their individuality and talents.

Ramon Acevedo

My name is Ramon Acevedo. I am the lucky husband of Mrs. Meralis. We have been married since January 3, 1987, and I look forward to many more. I worked for over 25 years at ADT Alarms (American District Telegraph) and five more years for Diebold Alarms. This has been my career until about three years ago when my wife became the owner of Lords Kingdom Academy.

I have discovered that working with children your life becomes a whole lot less stressful and much more fun! Children are naturally happy and playful and being around their laughter gives me a good sense of humor. I have learned to love my job! My position in the school is the chauffeur as my wife says. Her logic behind the title is that we server princess and prince, therefore I am the Chauffeur not the bus driver. LOL! My other position is the school chef. Yes, the Chef! Again being a cook is not enough, we must cook to royalty therefore; I am a chef! But to some children, I am Papa! That’s the title I love the best.

I look forward to many wonderful years here in my new world of the child care career. I know that this place is a blessing for me and many others to come.

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