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Preventing Bullying Through Literacy

Bullying reaching new all-time highs has become an alarming national epidemic. It has taken lives and wounded souls, crushed families’ hopes and dreams and left communities in terror. If we prepare and guide our children unto the right path to society, we can build better communities who will look out for each other. For those … Continue reading

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Sensible Technology Use Through Christian Education

Children easily learn things that are new and interesting to them. They like learning things that they either have seen or experienced before, and they are very confident when it comes to approaching things that they are familiar with. Together with the integration of the proper use of technology in the school curriculum, it makes … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Bilingual Education for Your Child

Are you wondering if your child can learn two languages at the same time? You will be surprised at the vast store of knowledge their young brains can keep. More than that however, bilingual education can actually bring lifelong benefits to your kid.Private elementary schools in Oviedo, Florida, can teach the usual program routines, but … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Christian Education Benefits Your Child

Is your child really going to benefit from getting a Christian education? To answer in the words of Martin Luther, “I advise no one to place his child where the Scriptures do not reign paramount. Every institution in which men are not increasingly occupied with the Word of God must become corrupt…I am much afraid … Continue reading

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6 Reasons Why Play Time Is Important for Kids

Sure, books and grades are significant, but having some free time to play also has numerous benefits: It encourages them to make full use of their senses.  Playtime is a full body activity. Your child will be running, sprinting, and moving a lot. They will need to engage their full attention in order to be … Continue reading

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6 Benefits Your Child Earns Just By Learning Music

There are a lot of extracurricular activities your child can join in. Signing them up for a music class should be on the top of your list, because… It improves your child’s academic prowess.  Music may be about sounds, but it comes with a lot of math (since it deals with fractions and patterns that … Continue reading

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