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9 Rules of Etiquette to Teach your Children


We all know that early education is key to raising smart and well-mannered children. While there are some kids who are rude, there are others who become role models to others because of the way they treat others. Education starts at our very homes, so it is vital for us, as parents, to teach them while they are young. Here are rules you should teach your kids:

  • Greeting Others.
    You can start by teaching them to say “Good Morning” or “How are you today?” This will go a long way when they grow up because they will be known to be polite and good-natured. It also helps others feel good.
  • Saying “Please”.
    Your kids will need help while growing up, so it is important to teach them the importance of saying please. It also shows politeness in them.
  • Practicing Gratitude.
    The importance of saying “Thank you” goes a long way, not only to others but also within them. When they know gratitude and practices being thankful, they learn to be humble. Humility is another thing we teach our kids.
  • Being Humble.
    Humility is definitely one thing that others will instantly notice. This is because the world is now full of people who brag about material possessions. If your kids are humble, they will also learn how to live simply and needless.
  • Keep Negative Opinions to Himself.
    The world can be highly critical–it doesn’t need another one to put negativity into the world. Practice this by telling them to always see the bright side of people and events.
  • Value Respectfulness.
    Teach your kids to compliment others for the good in them and not to call them bad names or insult them.
  • Cover your Mouth when Yawning or Sneezing.
    When sneezing or coughing, it will be best if they cover their mouths with their hands or a handkerchief.
  • Hold the Door Open for Others.
    If they see anyone passing through, they can open the door for them especially for the elderly.
  • Be Early at All Times.
    As early as now, teach your children to come to classes on time. You can show them by being early to appointments when you go together. You can even highlight that, by being early to meetings, it shows your respect for the other person’s time and effort.

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