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Preventing Bullying Through Literacy

Preventing Bullying Through Literacy

Bullying reaching new all-time highs has become an alarming national epidemic. It has taken lives and wounded souls, crushed families’ hopes and dreams and left communities in terror. If we prepare and guide our children unto the right path to society, we can build better communities who will look out for each other.

For those who seek Christian and exceptional private elementary schools in Oviedo, Florida, the curriculum practiced by Lords Kingdom Academy puts great emphasis on Christ-like values being instilled on their students through their education.

Literacy is for a fact, a broadening of knowledge. If children read and know better, they develop their own curious minds, and it steers their interests towards acquiring more knowledge about a multitude of discoveries into a world of endless learning possibilities. When children are busy learning, they have active minds and imaginations which—means they become less idle and stay far from becoming dull and uninspired.

Dynamic teaching methods that are instructed by our private Christian school allow young children to become holistically better learners and academic performers who are guided in their development to a life-long thirst for knowledge.

Literacy is key. Literacy can be taught. Literacy in the young is powerful. If we pave the way for them to blaze on, they can create waves of positivity and difference. Bullying can be prevented through literacy. If our children have plenty of time for fun and engaging learning, it leaves them no time and room for bad thoughts and actions, especially when they are guided to live in Christ-like ways.

Having Christ-centered principles incorporated into a Christian Education, children become more:

  • Conscientious Individuals
  • Compassionate Thinkers
  • Community-Involved
  • Life Savers
  • Instruments of Peace

By becoming more aware of the things that are happening around us, we can be beacons of love and hope for the people who need it the most. Reinforcing good virtues in children at home and in school, we can teach them to always try and motivate each other by positively supporting family and friends to become better individuals.

If you are searching for a literacy-driven private preschool in Florida, contact 321-765-4692 and know more learning possibilities for your little one today.

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