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6 Benefits Your Child Earns Just By Learning Music


There are a lot of extracurricular activities your child can join in.
Signing them up for a music class should be on the top of your list, because…

  • It improves your child’s academic prowess. 
    Music may be about sounds, but it comes with a lot of math (since it deals with fractions and patterns that go along with the beat or rhythm of each composition).In turn, music class not only teaches your child to play an instrument, but it could also improve their mathematical skills.
  • It enhances your child’s physical abilities.
    Most musical instruments require a degree of hand-eye coordination and ambidexterity in order for your child to play the right notes. Like in playing the piano, both hands are needed to press the right keys at the right time, in order to create the intended sound noted in the music sheet.
  • It encourages your child’s social skills. 
    Music class is mostly interactive and it teaches your child about the importance of teamwork! Children will be sorted into groups and they will need to collaborate with each other to form the right tune (as indicated in the music sheet they are following). If one of the children are playing too slow or too fast, they will learn to adjust and cooperate with the rest of the group.
  • It boosts your child’s self-esteem and confidence. 
    Constructive criticism is something that naturally comes in music class. This aids your child in becoming more self-aware. It encourages them to learn from their mistakes and teaches them that there is always more room for improvement.
  • It refines your child’s self-discipline and patience. 
    Playing a piece with their peers will encourage your child to wait for their turn to play. It inspires them to show respect and be more attentive at the same time. Also, before your child can play a musical instrument well, they will need to spend hours and hours of practice. This helps build their perseverance, and humility, among other things.
  • It widens your child’s perspective of the world. 
    Each musical piece or instrument has their own story to share. By learning about music, your child will be able to grasp the many rich cultures of the world. This fosters them to grow as open-minded individuals.

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