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6 Reasons Why Play Time Is Important for Kids


Sure, books and grades are significant, but having some free time to play also has numerous benefits:

  • It encourages them to make full use of their senses. 
    Playtime is a full body activity. Your child will be running, sprinting, and moving a lot. They will need to engage their full attention in order to be a part of the activity. This aids them in developing focus and coordination of their body movements too.
  • It inspires them to be more creative. 
    There are a lot of games that children engage in. Most of them will be about creating make-believe stories and playing out the imagined scenes with their friends. This type of play allows them to explore different ideas they have learned and act them out during play.
  • It teaches them leadership skills and teamwork. 
    Have you ever seen your little one invite their playmates for a game of tag or something similar? Playtime would not be successful without someone to lead the game and the rest of the group to follow the rules. This instills the importance of being cooperative to your child, in order to play with the rest of their playmates.
  • It allows them to practice their manners. 
    When there is a limited number of toys, children take turns in order to play with them. This experience actually teaches them the value of patience and respect when they have to wait for their turn.
  • It guides them to socialize the right way. 
    Being on the playground, your child will meet a lot of different kids with diverse personalities as well. This motivates them to be more versatile to become a part of the group, a skill that will help them during their adult life.
  • It leads them to a path of self-discovery. 
    There aren’t a lot of rules during playtime. Your child can be who they want to be during play. This opportunity allows them to sort out the ideas they like and dislike, ultimately leading them to cultivate their own individuality.

Playtime is just as important as schoolwork when it comes to your child’s development.
Which is why, Lords Kingdom Academyl, a private Christian school, offers not only quality and well-rounded education to children, but also encourages them to participate in recreational activities!

If you’re searching for excellent Private elementary schools in Oviedo Florida, Lords Kingdom Academy is one of the best choices. Enroll your child with us today.

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