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The Benefits of a Small Class

The Benefits of a Small Class

Classes seem to be getting bigger and bigger as the years go by. Don’t let a large class hinder your young ones from learning. At Lords Kingdom Academy, we understand the importance of children being in small classes. They have the appropriate amount of children in each class in our school. Enroll your young ones in a Private Preschool in Oviedo Florida and let them reap the benefits that small classes have to bring.

  • One-On-OnePrivate Daycare in Florida typically have smaller class sizes. With a smaller class size comes more one on-one time between teachers and students. LouAnne Johnson once said, “When classes are small enough to allow individual student-teacher interaction, a minor miracle occurs: Teachers teach and students learn.” It’s important for your young ones to have a positive relationship with their teacher. Teachers are supposed to be the ones guiding and instructing your kiddo, but in a big class, there might be too many students for one educator to take care of. In a small class, your children will be able to get the help and attention from the teacher when they need it.
  • DisruptionsBig classes call for lots of disruptions. Teachers might not have the ability to get all their students under control. Sometimes, one child may start acting rowdy which will encourage other students to misbehave. A chain of interruptions might burst out, preventing your young children from learning valuable skills and lessons. A small class is easier for educators to control, leading to less disruptions. This will give the class more time for learning.
  • SilenceWorking in a loud environment is a challenge, especially for young children. A larger class might be noisier, even if it doesn’t have to be. Other children might get up and move around the classroom constantly, whispering to their other classmates. In a smaller class, there will be more silence and peace, giving your kiddo the opportunity to study, learn, work hard, and succeed.
  • FriendshipsAfter a while, your young ones’ small class will stop feeling like a small class, and will start feeling more like a big family. In a small classroom, your children will get the chance to know the children around them and make lifelong friends. All the students will get to know each other on a deeper level. When students connect, they won’t just be more comfortable, they will also be more confident when it comes to engaging and participating in class. Not only that, they will learn the power of teamwork, and how to work with others on homework or projects, too. Your young ones will also be able to contact their friends if they don’t understand how to do an assignment or if they miss a class.

For the benefits of a smaller class, enroll your child at Lords Kingdom Academy!

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